big Lizzie herefords


                     Welcome to Big lizzie herefords

                            Located in felicity, ohio.

I, like many of you, was raised on a farm in a small community, left the farm, attended college, graduated college, Entered the workforce and worked 30 years in a successful career,  i spent years of running in circles at work and did’t see the allure of running in circles at the gym when i retired.  I lived on 14 acres and enjoyed the outdoors  i had always loved cows, what better way  to  use the land, enjoy the outdoors, get a good work out and avoid the crowded gym.    i choose mini’s for manageability, ease of  handling,  minimal impact on the land and no major investment in equipment.    so, for the farmer in all of us, consider mini herefords for your farm, great for all ages.

what are you waiting for . . . . . . . . .  come visit big lizzie polled herefords.